Your Springtime Rental Property Checklist

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As a landlord, the beginning of spring is a great time of year to run through a property checklist for your current renters, or prospective new ones. Below is a list of items to cover:

  • Spruce up the yard. Have a landscaper come out to cut the grass, trim the bushes, prune the trees, pull the weeds, fix broken sprinkler heads, replace dead or dying shrubbery, and add some new flowering plants to flower beds. Consider pressure washing the driveway, sidewalks and patio.
  • Professionally clean the carpets. Professional “full-steam and shampoo” carpet cleaning works best, and choose the scotch guarding option if available.
  • Change the air filters. In addition to changing the air filters, cleaning the vents and surrounding ceiling area, it’s not a bad idea to replace any reusable air filters with disposable ones. Disposable air filters don’t require monthly cleaning (like reusable ones) and make for one less maintenance item your tenant needs to remember.
  • Get a professional top-to-bottom interior cleaning. Having your home professionally cleaned is a very nice gesture for renters. Professional cleaners can get every area of the property clean – from scrubbing the baseboards to cleaning out the refrigerator, no room will be left behind.
  • Replace light bulbs and smoke detector batteries. Replace any broken light bulbs; consider putting in energy-efficient bulbs, which reduce energy costs and don’t need to be replaced as often (don’t forget the bulbs outside). For outside lights that don’t need to be replaced, give them a thorough wipe-down: dirt and debris tend to make these lights dimmer; and when it comes to outside security, brighter is better. Test and replace all of the smoke detector and carbon monoxide batteries.
  • Inspect ceiling fans. Make sure that all fans (indoor and outdoor) operate properly and are dust-free. This is especially important if the property is older and hasn’t been inspected in a while.
  • Inspect and clean windows and sliding glass doors. Windows and (especially) sliding glass doors can easily build up dirt. A good cleaning will not only let in more light, but may help them work better. When dirt builds up, say, on a sliding door’s slot, it may prevent the door from operating properly. The door can jam and become a costly repair for you.
  • Clean, repair or replace screens. Torn screens can allow pests into your rental property (besides being a security and visual problem). So repairing or replacing screens may save you money (less visits from your pest-control company) and give you peace of mind.
  • Spray for pests. As it gets warmer, you’ll definitely want to hire a professional pest control company to give your property a full treatment for all of the common bugs in your area.
  • Paint, repair and fix. Fix any holes in the walls before applying a fresh new coat of paint. Repair or replace any carpet that shows signs of damage (or doesn’t come clean after a professional carpet cleaning). Fix or replace any damaged tiles

By addressing all of these items, you’ll have piece of mind that your rental properties will be ready for the next 6 months ahead. By then, it will be time to break out the winterizing checklist! Visit us at and follow us on Twitter @B2RFinance.

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