Investor Intel: What the Stock Market Taught Sir Isaac Newton January 22, 2016

By Contributing Writer, B2R Finance | News

Equity investors are scrambling as they continue to head into what is the worst start ever to a calendar year for the stock market.…

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2014 Real Estate Year In Review

Investors saw and took opportunities to grow their single-family rental portfolios in 2014 as the housing market continued to improve and provide growth potential. As we look forward to what 2015 holds, let’s take a moment to review the major …

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Renting is the Answer for Consumers Wary of Buying Homes September 28, 2014

By Contributing Writer, B2R Finance | Real Estate, Real Estate Investment, Renters


After some considerable sizzle last year, the U.S. housing market rebound has slowed as sales and price increases experience an end-of-the-summer lethargy.

Despite an improving national economy with some significant employment gains, consumers remain worried about job security, stagnant wages, …

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