Many Renters Plan to be Tenants for the Long-Term December 29, 2014

By Contributing Writer, B2R Finance | Real Estate, Real Estate Investment, Renters

buyrentMore than 60 percent of current renters plan to rent long-term, according to a recent survey from Freddie Mac that says renters see both positives and negatives about their living arrangements.

Freddie Mac commissioned Harris Poll to survey more than …

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The Top Nine Tax Deductions for Landlords April 1, 2014

By Contributing Writer, B2R Finance | Landlords, Real Estate

Rental real estate provides more tax benefits than almost any other investment. Below is a list of rental income deductions available for you to consider when preparing your taxes:

  1. Interest – Interest is often a landlord’s single biggest deductible expense.
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Blackstone’s B2R Finance: A Primer February 22, 2014

By Contributing Writer, B2R Finance | Real Estate

By Ken Corsini posted on, February 21, 2014.

I think everybody knew it was a matter of time until somebody stepped in and created a lending product that the market has been dying for. With an unprecedented number …

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