Reduce Property Taxes

By Mike Hanna, Managing Partner, Investmark Mortgage LLC

It’s springtime, which means you’ve likely received your Notice of Appraised Value on your rental homes for the current year.

We’ve all heard that housing values are rising, but that doesn’t necessarily …

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Fannie Mae

By Robert Greenberg, VP Marketing, B2R Finance

The economy is on the upswing, but consumers remain cautious about buying homes and more said they’d rent instead, according to Fannie Mae’s most recent national housing survey.

This cautious sentiment about homebuying …

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Millennials Drive Demand for Rentals in Metro Areas October 14, 2014

By Contributing Writer, B2R Finance | Real Estate, Real Estate Investment, Renters


The young are on the move, according to data crunched and released by real estate data analytics firm RealtyTrac.

Millennials — the nation’s second biggest generation behind baby boomers, accounting for 69 million people — will have significant impacts on …

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New to Renting Properties? Consider These Five Points April 8, 2014

By Contributing Writer, B2R Finance | Landlords, Real Estate

Experienced investors who buy to rent homes have seen it all. Market swings, rent fluctuation and neighborhood renewal are all part of the journey. If you are new to the rental market industry and thinking about becoming a landlord, consider …

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The Importance of Title Insurance March 24, 2014

By Contributing Writer, B2R Finance | Landlords, Real Estate

There are numerous types of insurance coverage to protect your home and personal property. Along with homeowners insurance and flood insurance, title insurance protects against hidden title hazards that may threaten the financial investment in your rental homes. In some …

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Landlord Checklist For the New Year December 30, 2013

By Contributing Writer, B2R Finance | Contractors, Landlords, Real Estate, Renters

As a single family rental property landlord, take the opportunity in January to perform regular safety and maintenance checks, replacing and repairing items that need attention. This may save you or your management company repair calls throughout the year, as …

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