By Kerry Curry, Contributing Writer, B2R Finance

You know how important it is to do your homework in order to hire an ethical, smart and efficient property management company or individual.

Now that you’ve hired a professional to oversee your …

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Managing Multistate Residential Portfolios December 21, 2015

By Contributing Writer, B2R Finance | Real Estate Investment

By Kerry Curry, Contributing Writer

Managing residential rental properties across multiple states can be tricky, but real estate investors have learned ways to efficiently oversee their multistate portfolios.…

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Professional Property Manager

By Leslie Evanoff, HomeStar Property Management

Some real estate investors swear by them while others swear them off.

There are pros and cons to hiring a professional property management company. Hiring a good property manager can increase efficiency, reduce loss …

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How to Hire the Best Property Manager

Hiring the right property manager is important for protecting your investment and achieving reduced vacancy time and maximized income. A good property manager will bring high quality tenants to your single-family rental investment properties. They will have a strong screening …

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Tips to Rent Your Homes Out Quickly March 12, 2014

By Contributing Writer, B2R Finance | Landlords, Real Estate, Renters

B2R Finance Guest Post by Mark Ferguson,

One of the most important parts of investing in long-term rentals is finding a great renter.  There are many different ways to rent a home, I will break down exactly how …

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