Investor Intel: Brexit Hangover July 8, 2016

By Contributing Writer, B2R Finance | News

The dust has finally begun to settle following the U.K.’s historic decision to exit the European Union two weeks ago. Despite a fair amount of neutral feelings prior to the vote, the tenor of the discussion has turned mostly negative, …

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By Kerry Curry, Contributing Writer

A great deal hinges on setting fair market rents on residential investment properties, not least of which might include obtaining financing and securing tenants.

The goal is to hit the sweet spot: A rental rate …

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Cash Buyers of Single-Family Properties Seeking Subsequent Financing

By Robert Greenberg, VP Marketing, B2R Finance

All-cash property purchases fell below 1 million last year for the first time in three years.

A total of 944,892 single-family properties and condos were sold to all-cash buyers in 2014, down 13 …

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Buy to Flip or Buy to Hold? February 9, 2015

By Contributing Writer, B2R Finance | Real Estate, Real Estate Investment

Flip or HoldBy John Cantleberry, Business Development, B2R Finance

It’s not uncommon for residential real estate investors to begin dabbling in real estate by flipping homes before pursuing a buy-to-hold strategy.

Flipping a home may bring in more money over a shorter …

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Trends to Watch

It’s a new year full of new opportunities and B2R Finance has identified these five trends as those that will impact the single-family rental investment community in 2015. Here’s what to expect:

  1. An improving economy. The economy is on
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What Investors Need to Know About Yield Maintenance December 22, 2014

By Contributing Writer, B2R Finance | Financing, Real Estate, Real Estate Investment

Yield Maintenance

Brendan Carlson, VP Production, B2R Finance

Real estate investors seeking financing on their single-family rental portfolio may misunderstand how yield maintenance can affect a loan prepayment. It is something investors should be aware of, as it may affect their financing …

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CAPEXBy Nina Hamilton, Director of Operations, B2R Finance

Financing for single-family rental investments by B2R Finance is based on commercial lending principles that include a capital expenditure reserve.

For some residential investors, capital expenditure terminology — CapEx for short — …

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Newslender Lead ArticleBy Brendan Carlson, Vice President of Production, B2R Finance

New underwriting guidelines at B2R Finance could translate into more financing opportunities for investors in the residential rental space. Recent underwriting adjustments have widened the credit box and made qualifying easier …

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