Security Systems for Your Tenants

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These days, you can never be too careful regarding the safety of your renters. Do the best you can to protect them and give them the feeling of safety and security. A burglary is both their and your worst nightmare. New hi-tech security systems are meant to prevent potentially dangerous people from entering your house, as well as offer one-touch access to fire and police for any emergency.

Of course, there are many types of security systems to choose from, with different advantages and disadvantages to consider in choosing the right one for your property. Some of these systems include:

Wired: Hardwired systems need physical wiring to transmit data from a sensor, usually to a control panel or central console. The console is usually found within the house and can be armed / disabled with a personal code. Wired systems have been around for a while and are a reliable solution. An obvious disadvantage would the physical wiring expense and potential maintenance.

: Wireless security systems don’t require miles of cables and are relatively easy to install. These are quite popular as they are the latest in security technology and quite flexible. No wires mean you can place the sensors just about anywhere. If you want to move systems between your buy-to-rent properties, just bring the equipment from one to the next.

Small cameras are the typical normal now for inclusion with both types. Whether you choose wireless or wired, you’ll have to choose what type of action takes place should an intruder trip the alarm. There are generally two options:

1. Unmonitored – these systems utilize loud sirens or noises to alert the homeowner or their neighbors and possibly scare any potential intruder. Once a burglar trips the sensors, a loud, high-pitch sound will be emitted. Usually security lamps can be included in the system, to flood light into the home or driveway. While this is usually the most inexpensive option, your renter will have to call the police themselves.

2. Monitored – this system will alert the security monitoring company through a silent alarm which, in turn will call the renter and property owner to check if everyone’s ok. The security agent is trained to immediately call the authorities if something seems questionable. This is a great option for property owners who want round-the-clock security in place for their renters. Obviously, it does need to be used by your renters to be effective.

Review your buy-to-rent properties and assess if you live in a high-risk area. Whatever system (or combination of systems) you choose, you should never be too careful when it comes to your renters personal safety. What are your thoughts on security system options? Visit us at and follow us on Twitter @B2RFinance.

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