Agreement Provides Rental Property Financing Options to Clients of RE/MAX Sales Associates in U.S.

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B2R Finance Becomes a RE/MAX Approved Supplier

B2R Finance, a leading lender for rental property investors, announced today that it has become an Approved Supplier for RE/MAX, the #1 name in real estate*, to offer financing solutions for rental property investors through the RE/MAX network of sales associates.

“We’re incredibly excited about the opportunity to align with RE/MAX and to support its nearly 60,000 U.S. sales associates with new financing solutions for their clients,” said Fiona Simmonds, Chief Development and Administrative Officer at B2R Finance. “This agreement is a testament to the strength of our platform, the quality of our suite of products and the level of volume we can support.”

As an Approved Supplier of rental investor financing, B2R will support RE/MAX sales associates as they tap into a new client base that goes beyond owner-occupied buyers, providing an entry point to connect them with thousands of rental property investors seeking purchase or refinancing options.

“Many of our U.S. agents have close relationships with property investors and having information on the B2R financing products could provide more knowledge about the marketplace,” said Mike Ryan, RE/MAX Executive Vice President. “B2R provides another financing option that’s designed for the unique requirements of rental property investors.”

According to the National Association of Realtors, individual investors made up 17 percent of all existing home buyers in January 2016. To support RE/MAX sales associates in serving this segment of the real estate market, B2R has developed an exclusive agent portal through which sales associates can submit leads, track the status of financing and learn about the latest product offerings. Sales associates who are interested in learning more about B2R products and services can visit

*Source: MMR Strategy Group study of unaided awareness


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