Maintain a Good Working Relationship with Your Contractors

Contributing Writer, B2R Finance | Contractors

No matter how large or small your buy-to-rent property improvements may be, things will likely go smoothly if you maintain a professional working relationship with your contractors. Here are some quick tips for keeping everyone focused on the project:

1. First and foremost, hiring the right contractor involves doing research. Interview several contractors and check their state licensing, history of jobs and any complaints filed against them. Doing your research before you sign a contract will go a long ways toward keeping your project on track and on budget.

2. Don’t automatically take the lowest bid. Check references and be sure your chosen contractor has a history of providing quality work to prevent problems during the process.

3. While you don’t need to be friends on Facebook, you should try to get along personally with the contractor. After all, you will be communicating almost daily with them. The project will be a lot more enjoyable if you work together.

4. Have an ironclad contract, and if problems arise, don’t wait to work them out.

5. Pay on time and according to the terms in your agreement. Stick to your agreements and they are much more likely to stick to theirs.

6. If your contractor’s workers are doing a good job, show your appreciation – something as little as lunch or coffee will go a long way.

Keep these easy tips in mind whether you are embarking on a remodel to your rental property Getting along with your contractor could mean the difference between a finished project, on time and on budget, or endless frustration. What have you done in the past to build a good contractor relationship? Visit us at and follow us on Twitter @B2RFinance.

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