Landlord Checklist For the New Year

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As a single family rental property landlord, take the opportunity in January to perform regular safety and maintenance checks, replacing and repairing items that need attention. This may save you or your management company repair calls throughout the year, as well as improve your relationship with tenants.  Some of these checklist items include:

  • Make sure all kitchen appliances are in good working order
  • Test all plumbing for clogs and proper drainage
  • Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  • Inspect washer hoses for wear and tear
  • Inspect dryer vent to prevent build up and possible fire
  • Furnace inspection and changing of air filters
  • Check fireplaces for soot build up and possible hazards

Always keep a detailed schedule of the inspections regarding any repairs or replacements made to your rental homes. This will help you keep track of your home maintenance history, and provide important records for your business. Visit us at and follow us on Twitter @B2RFinance.

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