How To Spot a Great Property Manager

Contributing Writer, B2R Finance | Landlords,Real Estate

A great property manager can often add significant margin to your monthly residential rental portfolio revenue. Below are a few things to look for when hiring a property manager:

Their attention to detail – In business as in life, it’s all about the details. Keeping meticulous records of services provided, tasks due, and tenant requests often makes the difference between a great property manager and one that needs to be replaced.

Their delegation skills – Understanding what they can do, and what a service professional should be called in for is critical. The difference between “getting it right” the first time, and missing may result in a costly mistake.

How they prioritize – Understanding what tasks are urgent, and which once can be completed on a set schedule will save time and money.

The amount they care about the job – Property managers manage one of the most important aspects of people’s lives, there home. If they don’t take that seriously, get rid of them.

Their record keeping skills – legal documentation, rent checks, tax records, etc… all records are critical for your business. A good property manager knows where everything is, and how to get it.

They maintain Calm under pressure – All good property managers are amazing under pressure. They can effectively juggle multiple tasks.

The combination of these skills and attributes will result in happy tenants, and even happier real estate investors. Consider developing skills through training if there are a few lacking, but you see potential. Visit us at and follow us on Twitter @B2RFinance.

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