Good Reads: B2R’s Picks for the 10 Best REI Blogs and Websites

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By Brianna Bobola, Marketing Writer, B2R Finance

At B2R Finance, we strive to provide engaging, informative information for professional real estate investors. In addition to our own company experts, research and publications, we always gain insights by learning what others in the investment community are writing about and what they think is important.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite real estate investment blogs and sites, which offer a wealth of tips, community discussions and first-hand experiences about real estate investing. We hope you’ll find them interesting and that you’ll continue to visit the B2R Finance blog for investment information and the latest industry news.

  1. New and experienced real estate investors write about their real estate investment experiences and share insights and advice in active community discussion groups.
  2. A must-see, this site allows single-family residential real estate investors to search by a property’s financial performance. Sort available local properties by cap rate, gross yield, cash-on-cash, and more.
  3. Not just for flippers but all real estate investors, this site provides property listings and resources like local REI clubs, vendors, shows, and events.
  4. A world-wide real estate investor marketplace and community comprising over 200,000 members.
  5. This family-owned real estate investment company provides services to the real estate investor. Its blog includes a weekly recap of must-read national real estate news that rivals even our recaps.
  6. . This real estate investment coaching firm founded by Than Merrill of A&E’s “Flip this House” provides nuts-and-bolts information for new investors as well as highlights market trends.
  7. This real estate data firm is the authority on distressed property. While RealtyTrac doesn’t have an official blog on its website, it publishes a wide breadth of housing news, data and informative commentary under the News tab.
  8. Inman provides a comprehensive website of residential real estate news. Under the News tab, look for the rental tab to find information of particular interest to rental property investors.
  9. Find strategies from real estate investor and realtor, Mark Ferguson, who buys to rent and flip.
  10. Provides tools and resources for independent landlords and real estate property investors.

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