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By Eric Workman, President, Investability.com

Investability.com has recently launched a state of the art platform aimed at serving buy and hold real estate investors. Utilizing the SFR industry’s most reliable rental property data, Investability.com gives investors the ability to search available inventory across the U.S. by cap rate, cash flow, and even cash-on-cash return. Our platform offers the same geographic and property detail search filters as other major online real estate search sites, and goes a major step further in searching by the financial performance of each listing as well.

Gone are the days of searching the MLS for properties that fit your location and characteristic preferences, running rental comps, and utilizing spreadsheets to determine if a property will generate adequate cash flow. Investability’s customizable search filters allow investors to preset acquisition metrics – down payment, interest rate, and amortization period – geographic areas of interest, and feature preferences to quickly filter the assets that fit investor’s specific requirements at the individual market level.

For Instance…

Looking for 4 bedroom, 2 bath homes between $100 – $200k in the Dallas area that will perform at a 15% cash-on-cash return with 30% down at a 30 year amortization? … Investability has already run all of the necessary calculations and there are 22 properties that fit these criteria available to purchase right now! Investability also allows you to save these search parameters and will send real-time alerts to you when new properties of interest come on to the market.

Investability.com’s focus on the real estate investor goes beyond helping to find investment properties. The platform can also help you find local area experts to assist investors in all aspects of rental property transactions – from brokers to property managers to the right lending partner (B2R Finance) – the entire team you need to monetize your asset is available from a single resource.

There are high performing assets for sale all across the country – utilize the Investability.com platform to find your next property.

Use Investability.com to find high performing assets in and around these markets by clicking on any of the following links to see today’s market results:

Charlotte, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, HoustonMiami, Tampa, Orlando, Raleigh, Jacksonville, and Memphis

Use this special link to get a free Investability account compliments of B2R Finance. For more information about how B2R can help you obtain rental property financing to grow your business, just call 800-227-8107 or visit http://www.b2rfinance.com/borrowers and follow us on Twitter @B2RFinance.

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