Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detector Safety Tips

Contributing Writer, B2R Finance | Renters

Carbon monoxide accounts for several thousand visits to the emergency room each year along with 200 deaths. Residential fires account for 2,500 deaths per year. Tragically, in most cases there were no smoke detectors present or working properly. Here are some simple tips for checking the detectors in your rental homes:

  • Keep your detectors clean. Dirt, grease and debris will prevent the detector from receiving a free flow of air and thus an accurate reading.
  • Do not paint your detector. Anything that blocks airflow defeats the unit’s purpose.
  • Test your detectors regularly and follow the manufacturer’s test instructions to replace the unit if it fails the test.
  • Change the batteries. This is important whether the unit is battery-operated or just has a battery for backup power.
  • Implement other safety procedures. Create an evacuation plan and list emergency numbers near the phone or another designated location. Most importantly, keep appliances in good repair and keep snow from blocking vents or chimneys in the winter to help prevent dangerous fire conditions

Help prevent any tragedies by installing and maintaining smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. It’s a simple DIY task with a life-changing impact. Visit us at and follow us on Twitter @B2RFinance.

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