B2R Finance Selected by OwnAmerica to Provide Financing for their Stabilized Portfolios

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B2R Finance understands the challenges that residential real estate investors face every day. Whether it’s working to improve cash flow, convert loans to better terms and unlock equity from existing property, or even trying to fund new acquisitions.  We work hard to find innovative solutions to help you.

Rental investment trendsetter OwnAmerica® recently selected B2R Financial to provide financing for investors in their Stabilized Portfolios across America.  OwnAmerica’s Stabilized Portfolios are an investment product comprised of rehabbed, leased and monetized single-family homes. These portfolios are sold “as-is” in a package. Professional investors have already done the work of choosing, fixing, leasing and managing these homes to the level of performance depicted in the financial analysis.

Each portfolio is scored on a point scale of 1-10 based on the completeness of the due diligence performed.

  • Leases and Lease Abstracts (1 pt)
  • Profit and Loss Statement (1 pt)
  • Property Inspections (2 pts)
  • Interior and Exterior Video and Stills (2 pts)
  • BPO/CMAs (1 pt)
  • Pre-Underwritten Mortgage Terms (1 pt)
  • Title Reports (1 pt)
  • Insurance Quote (1 pt)

These portfolios all have property management in place and, in most cases, buyers have the option of retaining the existing management company or choosing another.

To inquire about investing in Stabilized Portfolios contact OwnAmerica at 888-332-7722.

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