B2R Finance Realigns Product Solutions to Support a Range of Real Estate Investors

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By Sara Sefcovic, PR Director, B2R Finance

You might notice a few things on the B2R website that look a bit different. Recently, we unveiled an enhanced suite of rental property financing solutions offered by B2R Finance and Dwell Finance and will be making some further refinements to the look and feel of each brand over the coming months.

The move is designed to better connect our borrowers with online products that match both your financing needs and the stage of your rental portfolios. B2R Finance will serve established property investors, while our Dwell Finance division will service small investors with online financing solutions.

“Following our acquisition of assets from Dwell Finance early this year, we took a hard look at our two fin-tech brands and how we were reaching property investors of all levels of experience,” said Matt Malanga, chief marketing officer, B2R Finance. “What we found were opportunities where we could better align our products with investors at various stages of growing their rental portfolios, rename them to more effectively communicate their value propositions and package them with a new look and feel.”

A few things you’ll find in the enhanced product suite and new brand identities include:

  • A repositioned B2R Finance, now aligned with the established property investor and a refocused Dwell Finance, now dedicated to the small investor. Over the coming months, the B2R Finance and Dwell Finance websites will be redesigned and updated and content will be refined to meet the needs and preferences of these two unique groups of investors.
  • New product names for B2R’s core product offerings. The Institutional Lending Program has become Portfolio Enterprise, the Entrepreneurial Lending Program has become Portfolio Pro, the bridge-to-term loan has become Annex Pro and the fix and flip loan has become Flash Pro. We made these changes because we heard your feedback and wanted our product names to better reflect the value that each can bring to the growth of your rental business.
  • New branding for both B2R Finance and Dwell Finance that reflects a commitment to supporting rental investors with reliable, industry-leading financing and technology to empower borrowers and facilitate wealth creation through rental property investing.

“We know that established rental investors need different resources than small investors and this enhanced product suite and brand identity are designed to reflect that understanding,” Malanga continued. “We’re confident that experienced investors will find value in the changes we’re making to help them grow their businesses and small investors will find the support they need to get started.”

We hope you’ll take a look at our updated websites and products and share your thoughts with us on our social media pages.

B2R Finance offers rental investors innovative lending products to help unlock equity from existing portfolios and provide the cash needed to build rental portfolios nationwide. For more information about how B2R can help you obtain rental property financing, just call 800-227-8107 or visit www.b2rfinance.com/borrowers and follow us on Twitter @B2RFinance.

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