Apps for Residential Real Estate Investors

Contributing Writer, B2R Finance | Property Management

By Kerry Curry, Contributing Writer

Every year, we enjoy testing out mobile apps that make the life of residential real estate investors easier. We’ve all heard the saying, “There’s an app for that” and it seems to be the case. There is an app for just about everything nowadays and there are plenty to choose from if you are a residential real estate investor or property manager.

Here are a few to consider that may make the process of managing your real estate investment portfolio easier:

PropertyBuddy: Property Buddy says it was created by landlords for landlords. It offers an intuitive dashboard that shows all rent that has been collected and any outstanding amounts due. A cash flow bar graph shows all income and expenditures over a 12-month period. A lease agreement’s major features are clearly displayed, and a single click sends an email to an individual tenant or all of your tenants at once. Templates allow a landlord to set up common emails, such as rent receipts or overdue notices. Free. Compatible with iOs devices.

Landlordy: Landlordy is an app for the do-it-yourself investor. It can create and send rental invoices to tenants, track rent payments, manage rental business expenses and manage leases agreements, among other features. Free. Compatible with iOs devices.

Property Fixer: Property Fixer is designed for real estate investors who are flipping properties. After entering information about a property, the investor can view an analysis that shows profit and return on investment for the flip. You can slide your finger across the app to change the holding period from 0 to 12 months, and the numbers instantly update. Free. Upgrade for $19.99 a month to $39.99 a month to access additional features. Compatible with iOs devices.

Zillow RentalManager: This app (formerly Postlets) allows investors of 50 or fewer units to use the app to list their rental house, townhome, apartment or condo for free on Zillow, Trulia and HotPads. Investors can add, edit or remove a rental listing; determine rent price, add unlimited photos, record a video walk-through and receive a notification as soon as a renter asks about their property. Free. Available for iOs and Android devices and over the Web. The app allows real estate investors, financial institutions, real estate agents and others to buy and sell residential properties through the app. Register and bid from your mobile device. Filter your search for properties by location, property features, or auction date or enter keywords to find a match. Click on a property to view full-screen photos, property details, view due diligence documents and broker contact information. Free. Compatible with iOs and Android devices and available over the Web.

BiggerPockets: Get mobile access to one of the most-respected social media networks for real estate investors. The app provides easy access to a host of resources for residential real estate investors. Browse forums, ask questions and post replies. View tens of thousands of articles and blog posts. Free. Compatible with iOs and Android devices and available over the Web.


There are many other options for investors, property managers and landlords, and some involve a software purchase that includes access via a mobile app. Fees for online property management software vary and sometimes include monthly fees or are based on how many properties are being managed through the software.

We recommend that you talk with other rental investors to find out what apps or online software they’ve tried and what they recommend. Take some time to research the software and/or the apps that work best for your situation.

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