9 Ways to Keep Your Tenants Happy!

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Every rental home landlord knows that it takes significant time and money to attract and retain good tenants. It just makes good business sense to strive for happy, long term tenants in your rental properties.

Below is a list of actions items you may want to consider to maintain a great relationship with your tenants:

  • Educate your tenants when they first move in. They can’t follow the rules if they don’t know them.
  • Be ready for them during the walk-through. When you do the rental home walk through with your new tenant, be sure you are handing over the keys to a property that they can be proud of. The condition of your rental determines the quality of your tenant.
  • Stay on top of repairs. Nothing makes a tenant unhappier than when repairs aren’t taken care of in a timely manner.
  • Contact your tenants the month after they move in. Ask them if everything is ok and make sure they know you’re available to them.
  • Consider establishing a “rewards” program. Institute a policy where tenants can earn rewards like painting in a color of their choice, carpet cleaning or the installation of new appliances for keeping the property maintained, re-signing their lease, or referring a new tenant to your company.
  • Consider giving your good tenants a small gift periodically as a way to show appreciation. Something as simple as a birthday card or a $25.00 grocery store gift card around the holidays will go a long way.
  • Order a roll of address labels to put in their move in packet. They probably haven’t thought of doing this and will appreciate your thoughtfulness. While you are at it, put some address labels in the packet with YOUR address on it, for rent payments.
  • Send them a welcome letter. Let them know that you are glad to have them as tenants, and once again remind them how they can contact you in if there’s a problem.
  • “Train” your tenants to pay on time. Be consistent with your early rent reminder communication as well as the timing of a letter if tenants are late.

Being a considerate landlord usually results in having happy tenants. Set the stage for a good experience at the very beginning to assure your tenants that they have made the right decision. Visit us at www.b2rfinance.com and follow us on Twitter @B2RFinance.

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