9 Questions Your Rental Property Tenants are Going to Ask!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tenants searching for their perfect rental home are coming to the table armed with questions to ensure that their living experience meets the expectations created by your rental property advertisement. Be prepared for their questions, or consider proactively addressing some of them during your interview process. Below are 9 questions to expect:

Can I make changes to the rental home and will there be costs involved? Tenants often want to paint walls, hang pictures and make the house their home. Clearly identify what you will do for them, what expenses will be their own, and what cannot be done.

Are any utilities or services covered in the cost of the rent? When creating a budget for living expenses, this is a critical expense to factor in. Help your prospective tenants by being clear about the costs.

How are utilities factored? If utilities aren’t included, explain upfront how the fees are determined. Also, consider sharing the cost history of the gas, electric, water, etc… so there aren’t any surprises.

How do you handle emergency repairs? No one wants to deal with a power outage at midnight on a Monday, but it’s an issue that has to be handled ASAP. Share your emergency process with your tenants.

Under what circumstance would you enter my rental home without notice? Inform your tenant of your process for notice prior to entering the home, whether it’s a minor air filter change, smoke detector check, or replacing an appliance.

Can I sublet the rental home? In the event that your tenant needs to move out before their lease is up, they may ask if subletting is the only way to avoid breaking the lease.

Are there plans to make any updates to the property? If improvements are being made, then tenants may have to deal with construction. Be sure and explain how updates could add to the amenities, enjoyment and appeal of your rental home.

Under what circumstances would you not refund my security deposit? Be specific with your rules regarding the deposit and explain that the move out condition of the home should be similar to its condition during move in.

What kinds of safety precautions are taken for the rental home? Your tenant’s safety should be a top concern. Take security seriously and be open and honest about the measures that are in place to give them peace of mind.

Be sure to provide your tenants answers to all of their questions before signing a lease. This will help ensure a great living experience and hopefully a long-term renter. Visit us at www.b2rfinance.com and follow us on Twitter @B2RFinance.

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