6 Top Online Resources for Landlords

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Today there are multiple online resources to assist landlords with everything from lease agreement templates to collecting rent. Below is a list of sites worth checking out:

Rental and Lease Agreementsezlandlordforms.com. This site will provide you with many forms as well as the templates for your lease agreement, which may also be State specific. The site is free and also has additional tools when you download their lease agreement forms. The lease forms are already made up so you do not have to do extra work other than filling it in and filing it.

Tenant Screeningmysmartmove.com. Tenant credit checks for landlords including credit and criminal background. Reports are between $25-30, but certainly worth it to make an educated leasing decision.

Collecting RentSparkRent.com. – Instead of waiting for those checks to come in the mail or going and collecting the rent, consider an online rent payment tool. These rent payment sites connect you with your tenants, and typically allow payments to be transferred directly to your bank account via ACH. There are fees associated with online rental collection – shop around for the best plan and negotiate fees based on the number of tenants you have.

Legal FormsUSLegalForms.com.  This site has a large selection of forms including disclosures, notice forms and sublease forms. Documenting everything protects both you and your tenant.

Advertising Your Rental ListingCraigslist.org and Zillow.com. These are two popular sites that most people seeking a rental unit will check out first. If you are on either of these sites, you are guaranteed eyeballs.  Consider both and you may have a renter before you think.

There are many additional sites and resources that make renting out your property easier. Search for the specific resources that meet your needs and compare the best pricing prior to making a decision. Visit us at www.b2rfinance.com and follow us on Twitter @B2RFinance.

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